Public Speaking and Advocacy on Transport Technology and Data


Highways UK, NEC, Birmingham. Session Chair Day 1 and Day 2 on a wide variety of talks on street works, permitting, network resilience, user-centred transport planning and climate change. 6-7 November.

Transport Practitioners Meeting #17, Oxford. Chairing the Day 1 Plenary and a Day 2 Session plus speaking with Teresa Jolley and James Gleave on user-centred planning . Exhibitor with Mobility Lab and the Data Discovery Centre. 10-11 July.

The Jam We’re In, Technia Advisory Board, Portsmouth. 5 July.

Practical Use of “Big Data” CIHT,  Birmingham. Speaker with Teresa Jolley with Teresa Jolley of DEFT153 20 June 2019

urbAIn Mobility Panel How artificial intelligence is shaping city life, City Hall, Paris 21 May


Digital Transport Exchange Landor LINKS Conference Designer with Teresa Jolley of DEFT153 11-12 July

What we learnt from Day One Digital Transport Exchange Landor LINKS 12 July

The Application of Blockchain to Transport-as-a-Service TaaS Technology Angel Business Communications 10 July

Workshop Member
The Future of Asset Inspection using CAVs Conference/Workshop             Amey    Birmingham, 24 May

Use of Intelligent Transport Systems and Data in Waste Management
London Waste Advisory Group Conference          LoTAG   London, 23 April

Fighting for Air – The Parking Jam We’re In
Imperial Parking User Group       Imperial Parking               Harrogate, 18/19 April

Introducing Iconic Blockchain
Chinese Blockchain Investment Delegation          Chinese Department of Trade     London, 27 March

Blockchain and How it can Help to Build MaaS
UITP 18th Combined Mobility Meeting   UITP      Hamburg, 15/16 March

Improving Road Safety in an Uncertain Future
Joining the Dots Conference       Road Safety Great Britain              London, 27 February

Round Table Member
Round Table, Institute of Civil Engineers, London, 26 February

Disruption on a Grand Scale – Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology
MaaS Market Conference            ITS International               London, 20/21 February

The Jam We’re In
Smart Cities Masterclass               Masterclassing  Birmingham, 14 February

All Electric by 2040 Keynote and Conference Chair
TDI Forum           Transport Data Initiative               Birmingham, 7 February

What Do We Mean by Agile Data
Agile Data Meetup          Valtech London, 1 February

Round Table Member
MRN and RIS2 Round Table          Chartered Institution of Highways and Transportation     London, 31 January

Workshop Member
Delivering an Integrated Testbed in the UK for Connected and Autonomous Vehicles        Meridian              London, 12 January


Round Table Member
Local Authorities and Smarter Traffic Management Day  Traffic Technology Forum             Birmingham, 28 November

Better Value for the Travelling Public
Smarter Travel LIVE!       Landor LINKS     Milton Keynes, 19/20 October

What Might Go Wrong? Building Trust in a Digital Transport Future
Business in the Community, Fujitsu          London, 17 October

Why We Need Data Standards for Bus Data and What are They?
#TravelHack 2 – Fare Enough       Transport for the North, ODI       Leeds, 10 October

The Role of Data in Network Management
Analysis and Research Directorate Awayday         Department for Transport            London, 17 July 2017

Workshop Member
Highways England Innovation Day             IET          Birmingham, 2017

Transport Digital Infrastructure – Why We Need to Act Now? – For the Travelling Public
Digital Transport Exchange          Landor LINKS     Oxford, 6/7 July

Transport Planners Meeting Plenary Session and Workshop Co-chair
Transport Practitioners Meeting PRTC and the Transport Planning Society               Nottingham, 28/29 June

Panel Member  Transport Data Initiative Conference
Transport Data Initiative               Edinburgh, 13 June

A Future View of Transport Modelling
Northmost 02    Institute for Transport Studies    Leeds, 12 June

How Did I Get Here?
UCL Careers Day               UCL        London, 10 June

Chief Analyst’s Mobile Data Challenge,. Speaker and Judge
DfT Hacks            Hack Partners    London, May

Managing the Network with Data
NMOP Panel      Chartered Institution of Highways and Transportation     London, 30 March

Transforming Transport with Data
CIHT Annual Conference               Chartered Institution of Highways and Transportation     London, 2 March

Data as National Infrastructure
CIHT Podcast      Chartered Institution of Highways and Transportation     February

The Digital Challenge for Highways Management
Alloy Product Launch      Yotta     Birmingham, February 2017

What Does Going Digital Mean for the Strategic Road Network?
Senior Leadership Team Conference       Highways England            Birmingham, 31 January


Chair and Keynote
Central Gov Strategy Forum        AH!Media           Windsor, 8/9 December

Keynote and Compering the Hackathon
Birmingham Highways Data Challenge    DEFT153               Birmingham, 25/26 November

Digital Transformation at the Department for Transport
CIO Inspired Conference               Inspired Business Media               London, 15 November

Data as National Infrastructure  Speaker and Panel Member
Highways UK Conference             Birmingham NEC, 16/17 November

Our Digital Future
Information and Technology Directorate, Senior Management Team Conference Highways England            Birmingham NEC, 26 September 2016

Future of Local Highways Keynote
Future Highways Conference      Landor LINKS     Birmingham, 5 July

Smarter Transport with IoT
Smart Cities IoT Closer Still Media             London, 12 April 2016

Smarter Transport with IoT
Urban IoT Showcase       Closer Still Media             Manchester, 18 March 2016

Conference Producer and Organiser
DfT Public Sector Data Sharing Conference           Department for Transport            London, 1 February 2016


Wardley Value Chain Mapping: the Key to Successful Digital Transformation
Central Gov Strategy Forum        AH!Media           Berkshire, 8/9 December

Becoming Digital
CCAV and OLEV Awayday             Department for Transport            London, 2 November

Service Now!
Central Government Business and Technology Conference           Whitehall Media Conferences    London, April

Hacktrain 1.0      Hack Partners    London, March


The Road Ahead for Public Sector Enterprise ICT
Public Sector Enterprise ICT Conference Whitehall Media Conferences    London, September