Waysphere works collaboratively with transport organisations to transfer knowledge about how to find, improve and extract sustainable value from their transport data and develop their transport data and technology strategies. Our services cover:

1. Data Discovery and Improvement

  • Finding and cataloguing transport data
  • Triaging transport data to determine priority and actions
  • Embedding processes for data cleansing and standardisation
  • Saving costs through improved data storage
  • Improving organisational efficiency through improved data sharing

2. Extracting Data Value

  • Value chain mapping
  • Analytics – using data science techniques and tools including machine learning and artificial intelligence to derive insights from data
  • Visualisation and narration – showing what the data reveals through the use of infographics and translating the value of data into human-centred narratives that show the link between the underlying data and the information and decision support they provide to people

3. Embedding Data Sustainability

  • Building data community
  • Improving data literacy
  • Developing data strategy to deliver increased data maturity

4. Transport technology strategy

  • Improving understanding about the value of transport technology
  • Developing strategies for transport technology improvements, including support for Intelligent Transport Systems, Collaborative-ITS, UTMC, SCOOT and MOVA