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Sir Nic Cary, Bt FRSA is an expert in data-driven services for transport. He is the founding director of Waysphere, which helps transport organisations to locate, curate and extract greater value from their data. He is also chair of the Travelspirit Foundation’s UK board and is the Head of Automotive at Iconic Blockchain which is developing the TSio Protocol, built on Blockchain, to provide open mobility applications. Before founding Waysphere, Nic was Head of Digital Transformation and Transport Data at the UK’s Department for Transport. Here he led a programme to exploit the value of local transport data and improve data sharing. He also engaged with a number of foreign governments on data sharing policy and digital transformation opportunities. He is a member of various professional bodies and a frequent public speaker on the role of data in future transport. Prior to Transport Nic worked for the Cabinet Office, where he undertook various strategic programme management roles. An experienced technologist, he founded his own internet consultancy in 1995 and has since undertaken a wide variety of technology roles. Before that he had a successful career in marketing communications.

Blockchain could be transport’s bunker-buster

So says a new Paper, in so many words, which was published today (6th June 2018) by Transport Systems Catapult (TSC) and the University of Sheffield about Blockchain’s potential uses in transport. The Paper injects a much-needed note of authority and realism into the froth surrounding this topic. The power of […]